5 Best Search Engines Other Than Google

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5 Best Search Engines Other Than Google

5 Best Search Engines Other Than Google
5 Best Search Engines Other Than Google

Are you looking for advanced features on search engines to master your search? I will mention five alternative search engines to Google in this article. Here are the five best search engines other than Google with their features.

1. Bing

Bing is the default search engine of Microsoft Edge browser. Bing is on more than 1.5 billion devices. And it is available in more than 35 languages. Bing Provides a unique way to perform your search query and deliver the best result to your search.

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2.      Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is another popular search engine. It mainly focused on privacy. This is probably the best privacy-focused search engine that delivers the best results to your search query. If you are more concerned about privacy, you must use this search engine for daily searches. It does not track or personalize your searches and results

3.      Ecosia

Ecosia is another popular search engine where more than thousands of searches are performed daily. If you care for the environment around the globe, then you should use Ecosia because Ecosia will use its surplus income to conservationist organizations that plant trees.
That doesn’t mean it delivers bad results or unnecessary results. It works perfectly and delivers good results to search queries like Bing and other popular search engines. Ecosia uses Bing and its search algorithms to show search results.

4.      Wow Search Engine

Wow, the Search engine is another popular search engine. “Wow is a search engine that works as a bridge between a user and the information the user is looking at on the Internet. In other words, it is an application that is specially designed to carry out and displays web searches so that the user can search on the World Wide Web easily and semantically.” – Says SEO Experts.
You can read the full article about the wow search engine here.

5.      Facebook Search

Facebook is the top website worldwide. Billions of People use Facebook daily, which means it has the best source and results to deliver to your search query. You can advance your search by people, pages, places, and more. For Popular search queries, Facebook is the best alternative search engine of Google.


Everybody knows about Google, and we use it every day for all kinds of searches. It is the best search engine so far, but if you want more advanced search features and care about your privacy, you should consider using the above-mentioned alternative search engines in your daily life.

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