Australia v England 47/4 *

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Australia v England 47/4 *


size on the stumps and also tucked square wide half-volley, boomed with the covers! A little ragged from Starc there

, and Pope moneys in … only the 2nd England batter to get to double-figures length ball, 141kph/88mph and jabbed into the covers proceeding to off stump pitched up a bit more, Pope

is onward and taps the ball back dug in as well as worked leg side again straight line, brief of a length and pushed to the leg side back of a size and simply fading away, Hameed trust funds the bounce and

sees it through shortish on 4th stump, punched into the covers as he mixes right into line plants the front foot, lets the ball fly with size ball, 132kph/82mph and Hameed is onward to push it away straighter, protected back to the on side somewhat short of a length in the network, Hameed shoulders arms fuller length, touched back

coming forwards.”No!”yips Pope length ball, 142kph/88mph as well as it jags to take

the within edge prior to backfiring into Pope’s upper leg pad size as well as Pope blinks it behind factor! Opts for the square drive as well as gets sufficient on it for the ball to flee for four back of a size and also tucked down behind square this moment, bottom hand coming off the bat slung broader, 141kph/88mph and also he isn’t tempted to chase it shortish, 140kph/87mph and also he takes it on the body. Awkward distribution, nipping back at him, past the inside side to land a peck on Hameed’s hip comparable line, 132kph/82mph and obstructed firmly on the front foot top of off, Pope covers the line and protects Released at

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