Bangladesh 253/4 * v Pakistan

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Bangladesh 253/4 * v Pakistan


complete on off. Relocating into his pads. Flicked to midwicket off the front foot

full and wide outside off, from around the stumps. Places the bat’s face open, as well as drives via the factor area for 4! Shaheen won’t enjoy given that the fielder can’ve quit it. Liton is on his haunches again

complete outside off stump. Angling better away. Ball remains low en path to the caretaker

brief ball, outdoors leg stump. Going even more down. Forces Rizwan to dive to his left instead acrobatically to get the ball

complete outside off stump. Wonderful activity away as Liton presses ahead to safeguard. Whizzzes past the edge

rear of a length on center. Additional bounce. He aims to push it with a jab, as well as its perilously near to the fielder at gully! Decrease just short. 200, the partnership

complete outside off stump. Shoulders his arms this time around

full outside off once again. No shot offered

full outside off stump. Little bit of seam activity away. Laid off once more

complete on middle, and also safeguarded back to the bowler as soon as more

excellent length, on off stump. Repelled the back foot

full outside off stump. Through to the wicketkeeper

good size just outside leg stump. Angling even more down leg

complete outside off stump, and also safeguarded towards the off side

around the stumps now. Complete outside off. Little bit of form in. Sticks the bat out and fends with soft hands. Strikes the face of the bat and rolls away to the slip cordon. Along the ground though

excellent size, on center. Warded off the back foot as well as shouts a big ‘no’ for the run

complete ball, wide outside off. He plays away from his body, aiming to drive. Strikes the inside-half of the bat as well as rolls away to the leg side. Collaboration currently 199

great size ball fishing in. Sweated off his pads to square leg. Comfortably played with the delivery’s angle, just closed the bat’s face

complete on middle and leg. Functioned off his pads to the leg side

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