Bangladesh 76/7 * v Pakistan 300/4

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Bangladesh 76/7 * v Pakistan 300/4


one more penetrating shipment that Taijul carefully shuts out. It’s drinks. I’m going to hand over to Debayan to take you through what remains of the day

nearly had a wicket. Arrived on leg stump, rotating away. Takes the outdoors side but doesn’t bring


shorter as well as broader, reduced via the factor area

good ball, a bit of spin away, Shakib protects

starts with one down leg side, protected

safeguarded to the onside

nudged right into the onside as well as they hurry through for one

fuller, maintained out

gets a thick outdoors side yet it’s restrained

move as well as a miss out on. It was too wide outside off to be securely swept I believe

plays with soft hands, defending it via the offside

pressed right into the onside, and also Shakib will certainly keep the strike

offers it a little bit of trip, defended in the direction of brief leg

a little prance down the wicket as well as guided to midwicket

driven back down to ground

spinning back in and also maintaining a little low. It’s safeguarded

smothers it to short leg

off the pads to ridiculous mid-off, that shells it. Don’t assume there was a within edge on it though

swept to great leg

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