Sri Lanka 386/10 v West Indies 113/6 *

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Sri Lanka 386/10 v West Indies 113/6 *


tosses it up very full on off, and he jams ahead. Yet the ball has actually competed along all the way via the added cover region for 4. 2 fielders gave chase, yet all in vain

4 more for Mayers! Brief delivery and wide of off, as he rocks back in the crease to cut that away in the gap available through deep factor

rather full on off, as well as blocked onward towards mid-off

full ball and a touch wide of off. Excellent bounce once more, as well as he allows that go

complete ball on off, as well as he clips to deep square leg with the develop into him

rather full on off, and pressed to midwicket with the shut face of the bat

ground for four! That made a strong audio off the bat. Except a size once more, and pitching outside off. This set develops into him, as he goes deep in his fold to drive at that to the right of mid-off

full as well as just outside off. He steps forward and also goes reduced to block

turns that fullish ball on center as well as leg towards midwicket

really full on middle, and jammed towards mid-off

leading side, as he tries to half-defend. Clears his front leg to this great length ball on center as well as attempts to clip, however the ball falls near him off the leading edge

complete delivery on off, as well as he goes deep in the fold to defend

Mendis the illusionist! And also short leg is sharp once again. Another one attacks the dust, as Chase steps forward to protect this full ball on middle and also off, yet the ball takes his within side on its method to Oshada at brief leg, who proceeds watching the ball till the last moment prior to pouching it reduced toward his left. Points looking increasingly more grim for West Indies now

full outside off, and flatter this time. Defended ahead

goes driving at this complete ball outside off, but misses with the ball averting a touch. And also the ball winds up defeating the batter along with the caretaker to allow byes

an additional pull rammed for 4! Brief distribution gain outside off, as well as he swings his arms to crash that to deep midwicket while playing from simply outside off

comes forward to drive at this full ball on off toward cover

full size ball outside off, as well as he allows that go. There was great bounce as well

as well as once more. Pretty complete on off, and also blocked back

really complete on middle, and also threw up as well. Defended back

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